Monday, August 2, 2010

Archiving Quotes

Riding in the car listening to the radio:
Mom, quick help me memorize that number. and when I get old enough I'm going to call them for my free laptop!

Driving in the car looking out the window:
L:Why are they always cleaning their grass?
A:What do you mean?
L:Their sprinklers are always on, why are they always cleaning their grass?
in the middle of the airport museum, very loudly.
L: F U. F U mom. FU, what does that mean. FU, Mom, Mom, What is FU? (over and over, I couldn't even get him to stop)

A:Lincoln, what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?
L: Just make one I can't resist!

I tripped and fell (I know I am amazing)
L: Gosh mom, you should really look where you are going!
(same thing he hears every time he falls, I'm not going to say it anymore. )
L: If I'm grounded from the computer than you are grounded from the computer, that way I'll stop begging to use it if no one else uses it.

From the bathroom, where he never closes the door:
L: Mom, my chesthairs are tingling....somethings wrong!!!!
(think he's seen cloudy with a chance of meatballs a little too much) :)

imagine the whiniest crying voice:
L:Mom! Everyone has a motorcycle but us! I want one so bad!!!
A: Everyone Lincoln, really, everyone?
L: Well, not everyone, but everytime I see one I want one and it's not fair other people have them and we don't!!! (crying whining) (if he only knew what I thought when I see well behaved children. :) )

giving YW a ride home in Jared's car
L: "Ya this is my dad's car, he toots in it a lot. Because it's his car."

I opened some crackers before we bought them at Wal-Mart to help Ruby survive the 2 hour shopping trip.
L:Mom you are not supposed to do that
A: It's ok because I will pay for them.
L: Mom Grandma and Grandpa said it's wrong.
A: Lincoln, it is fine.
L: (very concerned) Mom, it is against the law!!!

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Amy said...

Adorable! I didn't know about his FU escapade. I bet that was fun. Such a silly boy... :)