Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miss Ruby doesn't miss Lincoln at all. :)

First Tea Party
(give-a-way below)

She is loving the one on one. Loving playing by herself. and loving having him out of her hair. :)
Super long video, but I was so in love I couldn't edit and cut it. :) She's adorable. Don't mind the laundry. I'd just folded, alright that's a lie. Jared had folded it the night before and I hadn't put it away yet. Hmmm, maybe I'll go do that now. :)


Michelle said...

Love it :)
I also love her tan line. "no i'm not drinking from the container"

Eve said...

Wren was mesmerized by your cute Ruby girl. Your kids both have such beautiful eyes. And I envy Ruby's perfect eyebrows. Is that weird?

Le said...

So so adorable. My girls don't miss Andrew at all either. I wonder what Megan will do next week when she doesn't have Lindy in her way either.

red said...

so So cute! Maybe we can have a no boys allowed tea party. I love you sweet sweet Ruby.

Anna said...

not weird at all Eve. I envy her eyebrows as well. :) She has her daddy to thank for her luscious lashes and perfect eyebrows. :)