Friday, August 27, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Lincoln was enrolled at Surf n swim for a week.
Mr. Alex and his seven students were great. Mr. Alex was nice, but Lincoln wasn't learning anything. Just how to play games and stand against the wall. So I pulled him and put him in with a private teacher.
(ruby liked surf n swim. lots of strolling room. :) )
Lincoln was swimming the first day!!!! Lincoln doesn't like water, diving boards or putting his face in the water.Meet Mr. Chris. :) He is not that nice nor does he have any games. But he doesn't care if the kids whine or cry. He just makes them do it! It was hard for me to see him crying on the diving board, but Mr. Chris just says, on the count of three you will jump in.

:) Lincoln jumped in and was so proud of himself. I'm so happy I switched him, and I didn't get involved when the crying was taking place. By the end of class he was a little fish and doing strokes and keeping his face in. Swimming better than I ever did. :)

So proud of my little man. :)


Cindy said...

That is awesome Lincoln! Great job! I found that the group lessons were great for Abby who is naturally a fish, but my Lyssa and Bethy who are also timid, did better with the private lessons as well.

Eve said...

That would be SO HARD to watch but obviously the right choice! What a good mom you are - I'm going to have to remember this lesson.

Michelle said...

Love all the pictures. I don't think I could let D cry on a diving board. :( Good Job.

red said...

Awesome. you're such a good Mommy. You get points for not punching Mr. Chris. Michael survived the "don't push too hard" method. We'll have to try your pool next year.

grandma blair said...

Mr. Chris sounds like the right kind of swimming teacher, way to go to stay out of his way. I am glad your kids are going to be good swimmers.

Juannaelmi said...

hooray for Lincoln and double hooray for you and mr. chris!!!