Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Life in pictures

33, not bad. :)
My two nieces. They love their girls night. :) Spoiled rotten, and I love them.
Cousin Brei, They loved the pizza
She's too grown up. She was so proud of her accomplishment.
Non stop actor/director
Ya, half the dog. She's massive, and in love with the neighbors dog.
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Juannaelmi said...

What a great life! I can't believe how grown up Miss Ruby looks! Your kids are so stinkin cute!

Michelle said...

In love with the Nala picture!!
I agree your kids are stinkin cute.

Jared said...

Not bad? That picture is really bad! Love you.

Cindy said...

Funny picture of Nala. Cute pictures! The girls did have lots of fun :)

red said...

your dog is awesome. So are your children :)