Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super funny kids

These kids are making me laugh so much lately!
Ruby: Mom, I take pillow for walk.
Ruby: Oh, mom dinner is ready! (she is talking so much, it's so cute)

Lincoln, smelling my arm.
A:Lincoln, why do you always smell me.
L:I like how you smell.
A:What do I smell like.
L: hmmmm, beef burritos.
A: ???????????????????????

Ruby: dubbbllwhooo = w
Ruby: Hooooooppp = soup
Ruby: eeeemeal = oatmeal (took me forever to figure out)
Ruby: neeneekn = Lincoln
Ruby: chochoate = chocolate

She want's to be potty trained, but her momma is lazy. She walks up to me the other day and says:
"Mom, I poopy, right here!!" (points to her bum)

I love there guts. There are thousands of other funny things they have said that I have already forgotten. But just know I am laughing at them all day long. Except when they are naughty, then I try not to laugh. :)


Michelle said...

mmmmmmmm beef burrito.

red said...

your kids are adorable. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who is tired of hearing "need to go potty" sixty billion times a day :) Lincoln is hilarious.