Thursday, January 20, 2011


Ruby's Potty Trained...... What, ya.

Ruby's mom is crazy, she doesn't think things through. Friday morning we were bored and I asked Ruby if she wanted to go buy some panties. Ruby, "What, What Panties?"
I took her to walmart and we tried to pick out panties. Problem was they didn't have panties in the sesame street ones she wanted, so Ruby is strutting her stuff in boys briefs. :) But they are adorable. :)

We got home, I really thought I was going to just put them over her diaper and talk about potty training for a week or so. Just to get her interested. She picked one out and there was no turning back. I didn't think about it being a weekend, I didn't think about charts and stickers, I didn't think about her surgery the following monday. I just thought it would be something fun to do. (sometimes I am so awesome)
But Miss Ruby put on her grover pants and sat on the potty and went. I gave her extra juice and we played. I tried to have her sit on the potty every ten minutes and talk about how cool it is like I had with Lincoln but she wasn't interested in that. Mom, I no need go.
So I figured I'd wait for an accident so she'd know what it feels like to go in your pants. Nope, she just told me she needed to go and we went. :)
I hovered over her all day. We painted, played kitchen and just hung out. She loved the one on one attention, and I realized I need to play more. :)
She wouldn't even put a diaper on for her nap. she's just got it. 1 & 2.
We've had an accident here or there, but always she's trying to hold it and then goes in the potty.
So world's easiest potty training. If you need help call Ruby, because I assure I didn't have anything to do with it. I even tried to reward her with m&m's or cashews(her favorite) for going. She'd look at me like I was crazy, mom I go potty. (Like it's not a big deal mom)
So because I thought things through I have a huge box of diapers with only a week taken out. :)
But baby girl's got this down. Naps and bedtime too.
And I'm in heaven with these, look! It's getting so long. :)


Sarah said...

A mom's dream come true!!!!!! Ruby needs to come over and show Clsire how it works!

Cindy said...

Nice Ruby! Glad she is doing so well! Super nice for her mom too! :)
Mayzie was like that too, just kind of did it on her own at 2. She had lots of big sister examples though :)

Jared said...

A funny thing she has done is attempting to "go" like her brother. She'll tease you standing in front of the bowl until you laugh and help her turn around to sit. Silly Ruby.

Eve said...

What a cool kid. I hope I get one that easy some day!

(Wren totally has boy Buzz undies - I think the fit is about a million times cuter than girl undies, anyway.)

Juannaelmi said...

Hooray!! Ella was easy peasy like that too. We didn't need charts or stickers and she learned #2 quicker than #1. Hmmm, I wonder what Milla will be like.
Oh, and I love the boy undies. ella was unfortunately into princesses by that point and they were the only ones she would let me get :(

red said...

Trying not to hate your guts. :) I tried again today and Violet said "no thank you Mommy." Then she ripped the underwear off and ran away.

red said...

and Violet tried to pee standing up for a couple weeks when she first decided she wanted to get potty trained.

Michelle said...

Yay Ruby!! and Congratulations Anna.
I love they boy undies, I've been meaning to get D some Yo Gabs briefs, I also think they are cuter than the girl cut.

Kristine said...

It doesn't suprise me she is pretty amazing!! I love her "panties" oh man what will she do next?!?!?! Good thing I can find out constantly thanks for the updates!

Suz said...

That is really awesome- sounds a lot like cayden once he finally decided he wanted to do it- of course he was THREE and HALF! Way to go Ruby!