Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miss Ruby....:)

I know we've had a lot about Miss Ruby lately. I'll do one on Lincoln soon (maybe when he isn't driving me crazy).

First: Ruby is doing great!
The Dr. was sure there was a hole in her ear drum because it was still draining three weeks later, she still cried in pain everytime we did the ear drops and he could not get to it because of all the dried blood.
When Ruby was under he was able to clean out all the blood, dirt and scab and found a very very bruised ear drum, but no hole! This is fantastic news for her chances of hearing not being affected.
It is so hard to send your
baby away with Dr.'s and nurses promising to take good care of her. It's even harder when they take her kicking and screaming. (when Lincoln had his tounge clipped he walked with them and even pulled the wagon himself) The surgery was only 25 minutes and it really went pretty fast. They warned us that Ruby would be "out of it" when she awoke and would possibly scream and kick. I was ready. When they brought her to us she was cuddly but not crying. She sat with us, drank her juice and didn't cry. They said we needed to stay for 30 minutes then she could go. She hung out and didn't complain. We took her home and she played and played like nothing was going on. She even had Lincoln home to play with because it was MLK day. She's amazing. :)
I'm very grateful for all the prayers that were uddered for my baby. Thank you.
Oh and look, her nose is almost better. :) Now if we can just get her to slow down. :)


red said...

I'm so glad that went well for you. It's not nice when they come take them away screaming. That's great news. Good job Mommy, you survived. We miss miss Ruby, and Lincoln. They need to play together Michael loves doing whatever Lincoln tells him to do :)

Michelle said...

Miss Ruby Miss Ruby Miss Ruby. You need to slow down!

Yay for no hole!!