Sunday, February 13, 2011

All about Lincoln

Well I've been promising some Love for my little man and here it comes. Lincoln's pretty awesome, and if you ask him he's really awesome.
He's pretty much a ninja and a Kung fu master at all times. And yet if you need him to be he's
a make up artist too. He's the worlds best Mathematican. He can school anyone when it comes to wii, or stratego or dad's old school nintendo games. He has one of the highest self esteems I've ever seen. (we're working on that) If he's going to give you a hug it usually involves his entire body with his legs wrapped around your legs, (even if he doesn't know you that well). He's very comfortable sitting on your lap, or patting your back, stomach or buttocks. Even maybe rubbing your bald head (ask our home teachers). Pretty much if you take the time to talk to Lincoln he'll have no problem becoming very close and personal with you.
He is a sweet boy right now. He thinks everyone and everything is cute. Ruby got a new pink potty and he walked in to use the restroom, "Oh mom, this potty is so cute! I just think it is so cute!!!"
and he's pretty much a great older brother. There is still some fighting but I love how sweet he is when he does play nice. :)
Love my little man.


Michelle said...

LOVE all the pictures! He's such an adorable guy. The popcorn picture is my favorite.

Eve said...

What a rad kid. I'm glad I get to "know" him a little bit through your blog!

red said...

We love his guts. Michael always talks about Lincoln and wants to be like him.

Tad and Liza said...

He is so sweet. He gave me a picture the other night and I left it at your house. We love Lincoln too!

Amy said...

What a fun stage! Love it!

Sarah said...

Lincoln is such a great kid! Tell him that I loved my placemat he made us all for Bunco!