Monday, February 28, 2011

Archiving Quotes

L: Mom quick come look! It's a blister outside!!!!
(blizzard) :)
I'm making a rubbing noise on the bed with my foot.
L: What is that, is that you foot. Oh I thought it was a wort hog. :)

A: Lincoln that shirt is too wrinkled to wear
L: Will you just laminate it for me?

L:Do you know what Urine is?
A: Yes, why
L: We just call it pee huh?
A: ya
L: Who do you think calls it Urine? The President?
A: Probably :)

M: Lincoln, do you want Milk or water?
L: Milk, with ice.
M: ok
L: C'mon, Mom, you know how I roll.

L: Boom ya!!!
(instead of bouya)

Big crack of thunder
L: Woah!!! I think Jesus just got a strike!

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Cindy said...

So cute!!! Where did he learn the word urine?:)P.S. this is alyssa :}