Saturday, March 26, 2011

Practical Joke

I'm not much of a prankster (I had my fun in my day) but tonight Lincoln and I teamed up and got Jared good. If anyone knows my husband they know he likes soccer. (and If you know me you know I don't care about sports. :) )But Jared and Lincoln were watching the RSL game tonight and loving it. Ruby needs some water, Jared tries to talk Lincoln into getting it for her. I tell him it's a daddy's job and daddy needs to go get her some water.
While he's gone I get Lincoln to conspire with me to trick Jared. I tell him to start jumping up and down and scream GOAL! (like they do everytime there is a goal) and then start dancing and singing OLE OLE OLE like they do. And it was awesome, we hear Jared yell from downstairs, "did they get another one?" Hear him run up the stairs, see excitement and slight anger (happy they made a goal and mad he missed it) on his face. He comes in and Lincoln and I start laughing and he sees the score hasn't changed. Lincoln is so proud of himself because he tricked his dad. I laugh so hard I cry.
Maybe I need to become a trickster more often. So fun. :)

Oh and in case you missed my awesome photo. :) The man of steel himself, flying over our trampoline. :)
I'm pretty proud I got this shot on the first try, Lincoln even more proud that now everyone knows he really can fly. :) As for Miss Ruby, she holds her own so well on the tramp, I forget she is two. :)


Crystal said...

Awesome! Love the picture!

red said...

That's awesome!!!

Michelle said...

:) You're next I'm sure

Mel said...

I was laughing as if I was there... very cleaver!