Monday, April 4, 2011

Archiving Quotes

too early for me:
Baby girl: mommmm where daddy?
Anna: He went to work.
Baby girl: AGAIN????
Anna: yes, sorry he'll be back later
Baby girl: Why not???

Anna: Good job going potty
Baby Girl: That poopie for you mommy. :) Your welcome.

Lincoln heard Queens: Fat Bottomed Girls
"Hey mom that's like you!!!"

Lincoln took a pita to school for lunch. He was so excited to make his friends guess what it was, he was sure they'd never seen it. I told him they used to eat Pita's in the bible:
"I had my teacher guess what it was, I told her it was in the book of mormon. I couldn't remember what it was called though" (makes me giggle to imagine the whole guessing game)

‎(while we are out to eat) My crazy son: "Mom, why can't we burp or toot when we are eating?"
Because it's gross and people don't like gross things while they eat.
"Well at school my friends and I laugh so hard at toots and burps, even when we're eating"

"you remember how I told you I didn't like the dinner last night, mom never make it again. it was so bad"
small whisper as just being told to be quiet and not rude
"so bad"

Ruby and I picked out a pink potty seat for Ruby today. Lincoln goes in to go to the bathroom, "Oh, that is so cute! so cute!" Love my little man.

Lincoln: Mom, check this out! I just made Lego buzz, even though it's supposed to be for 7 year olds. (says my 6 1/2 year old)

Ruby came to me with a glue gun, pointed it at me: FREEZE MOM!

If anyone is in the way of a plane with a propeller, they are in for a breeze......


Jess said...

Those are really cute and so funny.

I also love your new blog header. Its so adorable. Good job on it.

Mom B said...

Your kids are hilarious. And I really love your superman picture!