Sunday, May 8, 2011

We finally told them

videoit was a little anti-climatic to me. I think I was expecting screaming and total disbelief. I think he was in shock a little. But he also knew I had a little $5 lego set for him to play with in the car. I find it interesting that at the end he was like, k can I play with my legos now......nice.
and this gives everyone a sweet insight into miss ruby. She knew what it said but wanted to let you know she could be


Michelle said...

I think he reacted cute :) they are both adorable.
"I'm going to the library"

Eve said...

Yeah, I thought he was pretty excited, too. Super cute. I can't wait to meet up with you guys and see what their favorite parts are. I know I told you that Pirates was a nice resting ride, but the Tiki room is a nice mellow spot, too. It's a "show", and nice and dark if you want a different spot to get Ruby to fall asleep.

Max said...

I liked their reactions, so cute. Hope you all have a fun, fun time

Mel said...

I thought they were both cute, but with how excited Lincoln was to go to the beach I expected a little more excitement. I loved the library quote from Mrs. Ruby lol!! Very Adorable. You have her trained well.

Crystal said...

My kids were a tad anticlimatic too, I guess you want to be as dramatic as the commercials you see. :) I hope you guys have a blast!!!!!