Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Disneyland, the happiest place on earth?

Happy Families, off for excitement.
Lots of excitement to be had. Miss Ruby liked the tea cups. That is all. :)

Not once did any of them complain to having four kids in one bed. And how my friends do you know if your Best Friend is REALLY your best friend? When you can share a hotel room for 5 days with your beds this close and it was fine. :) Really really. Everyone told me, no way, you guys are going to regret sharing a room. I'd do it again. :) Love them! It might help that our husbands are really laid back and go with the flow kind of people. And Amy and I are similar enough that we talked and talked. and our kids love each other, but that my friends is what best friends are made of. Now if only we can get them to move back to Utah. :)

I love the beach. I love how you just can't help but feel relaxed at the beach. Ruby enjoyed the sand, but wouldn't go near the water. Lincoln loved both, and wanted to go farther and farther out in the ice cold water. So nice and relaxing. I could do a whole vacation just at the beach. :)

Disneyland. Lincoln's favorite was buzz lightyear. His least favorite was when his mom bribed him to go on Screaming California. :) He still has not forgiven me and claims he will never NEVER ride another roller coaster EVER again. :)
I love my son, I love that he loves princesses and star wars. He was able to get picked in the star wars training and loved it. :) Miss Ruby wanted to see Belle. She was there when we got in line and then was gone. If you ask her about Disneyland she will tell you "I liked the tea cups, and I didn't get to see belle"
We waited in line for the #$%* princesses for almost 2 hours, and we got to see TWO princesses. Amy and I tried so hard not to be fuming mad, and smile for the kids. We both wanted to give them the bird on the way out. (again why she is my best friend)

This was Lincoln most of the time. Happy to be there, but super chicken to go on any rides.
This was ruby the whole time, really ticked at the world for sending her to this horrible place. Where crazy characters want to talk to her, and she has to sit in a stroller and wait in lines and ride rides she hated! Every 7-10 minutes Ruby would say, "I want to go home!"

One super cute thing was how excited the kids were to see Lexi and Kenny. It was a total shock. Poor Lexi had Strep, so she had been told not to hug anyone. Lincoln didn't know what to do when he couldn't hug Lexi. Now he has whispered to me quite a few times that Lexi is his girlfriend. :)

All in all we survived. I did learn a few things. I do know myself. I knew it would be hard for me, I knew I wouldn't love it, but tricked myself into believing it would be great. I learned I have more of an anxiety/phobia of crowds than I thought. I thought I just didn't like them, but may or may not have had a panic attack heading into disneyland when the fireworks had just ended.
I learned I love my kids, even sick, tired and ornery. Just like they love me sick, tired and ornery.
Maybe it would have been better had we not all been sick, but I don't think I'm signing up to find out anytime soon. :)


Michelle said...

that's one of those vacations you need a vacation from your vacation. Sorry they were sick and ruby didn't have fun. Just think you don't have to do it again for like another five years :)

Crystal said...

Super Cute!!! It sounds like a lot of fun and makes me want to go again!!!