Thursday, June 2, 2011

super cool part

We got to meet up with my 2nd cousin (Eve, Greg, Wren and Van) with whom I've come acquainted with via Facebook. We talk trash about games she beats me at, and notice a lot of similar sarcastic comments. I decided it'd be awesome to see them for a couple days. We got to go to dinner, church and hang out for two days. Her mother (Pat) graciously allowed us to chill at their house for that. So spoiled, I know. It was so nice and relaxing.
Eve and I even stayed up til 2am one day just chatting. Love when you click with people that you don't even notice what time it is.
Sadly we didn't take a ton of pictures, I'm horrible at getting group shots or even remembering the camera at all.
This was our last time together and it basically was just wrestling with the kids to get them all worn out for bed.
It was awesome to hang out, but I don't know how to convince them to come to Utah to do it again. Utah really doesn't have anything cool, well except me, I'm pretty cool right?


Eve said...

Yeah, you're cool enough to warrant a trip. We'll see whether we can make it happen. Greg totally wants to, also.

Michelle said...

Lucky!!! I don't know if you are that cool... j/k