Wednesday, July 27, 2011

He's 7!!!!

Lincoln had been growing his hair out since about march. He wanted it LONG!!! Well it started bugging him but he wanted to make it til his birthday and then he wanted it BALD!!! He wasn't happy with my Mohawk joke and then was kinda sad it wasn't bald bald, but I told him I was not going to get a razor out because I could cut him and that's when he said it would do. :) He is practicing his wink. He almost has it down. :)

Well it happened, He turned 7! He's going into 2nd grade, he can make his own sandwich, tie his shoes, brush his teeth and shower himself (especially with the new hair)! He loves Legos, his sister, his momma and being the center of attention! Lincoln has never and I guess will never be shy, he loves to talk and especially to adults. He is still super chicken of most movies and most roller coasters. Although uncle matt got him to ride bomb bora and the tidal wave!!! Which now he loves. :)
He loves to do things on his own and he loves to be the boss. If you give him and inch he'll take over the whole operation. He believes he is the smartest person alive and that he knows everything. :)
At his 7 year checkup he weighed 59 pounds and 48.2 inches tall. putting him in the 70th percentile for his height and 55 percentile for his weight. Pretty much just average. :)
He is a sweetie and loves to cuddle, loves to negotiate and still can throw a fit with the best of them.
I love that he is Lincoln, his little personality came packaged inside of him when he was born. The more I get to know him and see him come out the more I am in love. (and the more crazy he makes me). :)

Love my little man.

I love this little man, and what he is teaching me and am so happy I get to be his mom. Sometimes at my most frazzled moments he'll look at me and say, "Is it hard to be you?" I'll usually give out a sigh in defeat and say, "Yes, it's very hard" and he'll crawl up and kiss me, and say sorry. Then go right back to making me crazy. His little sweet moments are adorable. :)


Mel said...

Aw I love your little Lincoln man. Pretty sure he is my favorite 7 year old in the world! His Birthday looked like a lot of fun! You are more brave than I will be with Birthdays!

Eve said...

"Is it hard to be you?"?? Are you kidding me? What a sweet boy. Happy late birthday, Lincoln!

Michelle said...

At least he's a sweet punk.