Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Well the birthday party request was ridiculous this year, and I of course went way too overboard. Lincoln has been in love with the new TRON movie for about 6 months now. We had redboxed it several times and if anyone was willing to listen he was willing to talk your ear off. And his favorite part: Big sigh, oh the whole thing!!!"

I searched and begged my sister to search the internet for ideas. We found some good stuff and it is basically a glow in the dark kind of thing.

I blackened my basement and tried to turn it into "the grid" (go watch the show, it's cute) The whole party was done under black lights.

The kids came in and decorated (with highlighters, because they glow under black light) their individual shirts that I had ironed on their names and a tron symbol (I know so nuts). Each shirt had a spray painted paperplate on the back of it that was their disk. (only two boys had seen the movie, the rest were pretty lost) :)

After the shirts were done I outfitted each with a glowstick bracelet for each hand. Next was disk war training with CLUE aka Jared. He dressed up and came and taught them how to fight with their glow disks. They had tron music going the whole time. Then they practiced with each other. Then we had targets they had to try and hit and finally they fought jared/Clue to finish their training. It was fun. The kids seemed to love it. One little boy as soon as he saw his mom said, That was so AWESOME!!! That made me feel better about the craziness of my work. :)


Kristine said...

He is one lucky boy!

Steph said...

ANNA!!! YOU BLOG! Wahoooo! Someone else to stalk! :) Hayden said and I quote "party of the year mom, party of the year." LOL! You are the best mom!

Juannaelmi said...

That is so awesome! I tried to do some cool stuff for Nate's and he wanted nothing cool and inventive. Just boring old bowling. I guess if he was happy right?
You are amazing and Lincoln and Ruby are very lucky kids!

Le said...

Andrew just asked me if he could paint his room "Tron." I said no. But thank Lincoln for introducing it to him.

Michelle said...

You did amazing!! Especially for having the worlds most difficult theme.