Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what may come...

I came across this photo the other day. 
Scared the crap out of me. I forget how big I get. Seriously, this third time around I feel so in denial. 
I've been so sick, nauseous and stomach problems and no energy. I'm trying to just stay a float. My stomach is starting to poke out, and I'm in total denial. My sister michelle keeps saying, 
The story: the story is so simple it's crazy, and I think part of the reason why I'm in denial. Most of you know it takes us a long time to get pregnant. Lincoln took almost a year and Ruby took a year and a half. 
Baby number three: first try. Really? Really!  We are in shock. I do believe you appreciate a plus sign so much more when you have seen a negative so many times. It's so odd to see a plus sign the very first time. When we went to the Dr. he told us he thinks the biggest reason why we were able to get pregnant so fast: weight loss. I'm 40lbs lighter and jared's 35lb! I doubt it's the only reason but I believe it's part of it. But because of my weight loss it's been really hard to see the scale move up (just a little) but even harder to have my clothes get tight and have nothing to wear.  And hard to not feel the pull of dieting, but I am eating whatever doesn't make me sick. Currently spaghetti and pot pies. :) Awesome I know. 
I love having a 7 year old. Lincoln kept our secret for almost 6 weeks! He was worried his mom was going to die that we had to tell him. But he wasn't allowed to tell anyone. He may have dropped a couple hints but he did great! He loves learning about the baby growing inside and wants a baby brother soooooo bad. I really think he might be angry if it's not a boy. He wants to share a room so bad. :) 
We should find out what we are having on the 5th. I am leaning towards boy just because the nausea isn't quite as bad as it was with lincoln, but time will tell. 
Perks about being pregnant:eat whatever the H*** I want. not that it is much or that it doesn't make me sick. But I did buy candy corn for the first time in two years. (seriously). 
Saddest part: My beloved coke tastes like sh**!!! I feel like screaming "someone has poised the water hole!" It has a nasty salty taste. As does any soda. I had major caffeine withdrawal for the first few weeks. But I'm saving about $20 a month. :) 
Another perk about being pregnant. A sweet baby is on the way. I keep forgetting this, but when I came across the horrific picture above I also found this sweet video:
gets me a little excited. Although I really have a hard time imaging a baby inside me when I am so sick. Because it's super hard to have pleasant nice thoughts when I feel as if I am dying. But those thoughts will come in about a month. 
Well, now I am just rambling and have given way too much information. 


Le said...

I talked to Cindy today and Lincoln did not keep your secret... but she did (What an awesome SIL). I hope you feel better soon! I also say boy just because the Blairs are having a streak right now.

Eve said...

I can so relate to the shock of getting pregnant on the first try. I felt like we accidentally got pregnant even though we "tried" for Van. It was very weird.

I'm so glad you had such an easy time! I hope you feel better. And seriously, you do have to just eat what you need to feel alright. My friend swore by Simply Lemonade. She would drink a little to keep her blood sugar up and it helped her feel way better than her previous pregnancy. I'm going to try it if I have another baby someday.

Darci and Ryan said...

You are one hot Mamma! CALL ME whenever you need something, toss your independence/pride aside. You have saved me too many times, and I owe ya. ;-)

Cindy said...

Sorry you've felt so bad, suffering in secret. It will be exciting once he (she) comes though. And it really does make it extra fun when the older siblings are so excited to help welcome the new baby. Hope you get feeling more back to normal soon.

Kristine said...

I loved this post! Also that Lincoln did so well at keeping the secret. Seriously 7 is my favorite age! SO sorry you are so sick though I cannot imagine and am in awe of your sacrifice to bring children into the world. I am so excited to have another niece/nephew around and wish I was around more. I remember you made meatballs a while ago...have you ever tried turkey ones?? Just made some the other day and they were so easy and really good. Just thought maybe that would add to your small pot pies and spaghetti diet. Feel better :)

Kim said...

Congratulations Anna. I'm so excited for you. I know that sickness is the worst, but the baby is worth all of the discomfort, even when he or she keeps you up all night. Anyway, boy or girl, you guys have cute kids so it doesn't matter. Can't wait to hear though.

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