Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 Our beautiful Cinderella and our very serious Obi-wan Kenobi

Our Fun decorations. Jared and Lincoln came up with the corn stalks idea last minute. They were awesome.

Jared ran the trick or treating, Lincoln lasted a little over a half an hour. Ruby went for over an hour. She loved every minute of it. I ran a very busy door. We ran out of candy at 8:00!! I had 500 pieces! I didn't even get to sit down really. It was crazy.  My sister let me have her shirt she used when she was pregnant, This shirt was a HIT!!!! Thanks Shell.
and what would you give for these lashes?!?!?! As I put the mascara on I had to clean her eyebrows off because they kept smudging on them. I decided she can't wear make up again til she's 12.



Eve said...

I can't believe those lashes. I hope Alice gets them too! :)

Juannaelmi said...

I love that shirt!! How awesome!
Your kids and Jared look great too, but you are one hot Mama!
I love the cornstalks! They look great and spooky.
I hope you enjoyed every minute of your favorite holiday.

U can't see me said...

so cute... i like that :)

Michelle said...

So fun!! Love the bow on the shirt!