Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monster Trucks

Second year in a row Jared took Lincoln to the Monster Truck Show. (this is why there are only pictures of the trucks and not of all the cousins and excited faces of the boys, men don't take pictures of that, just trucks. )I am so grateful to have a husband who will take his son to things like this, as I have no desire to ever (EVER) go. :)

Life is non-stop monster trucks at our house. I caught him with Ruby the other day pretending she was driving a truck making her tiny arms drive the truck. :) He also likes to announce everything and be announced with everything he does. He is a silly funny boy. :) At the end of a very busy day. I'm sure he's dreaming of monster trucks.

Videos. The second one I found on the camera. Now just imagine the noises all day. :)


grandma blair said...

Wow!!! What great pictures, glad grandpa brought earplugs.

Michelle said...

Too bad there are no pictures of the boys. :) I guess all eyes were on those cool trucks.