Tuesday, April 28, 2009


L: Mom, When do I get to be in charge?
A: Oh, sorry buddy, I'll always be in charge.
L: nu uh mom. When I get big you'll be dead.

L:"I don't feel good."
A: "What doesn't feel good?"
L: "My Lungs."
A: "Oh ya, whats wrong with your lungs?"
L: "Well one is up in my brain, and its almost blowing my head up, and the other is pushing my ribs really really hard."
A: Wow, that does sound like it hurts"
L: "I know, I think my clavicle is broke."
(they've been learning anatomy at school. )

Very Very early in the morning. "I had a scary dream" I'm sorry. What was it about? (very matter of fact voice) "haunted houses, vampires, witches, monsters, spiders, bombs, bullet bombs, lots of scary stuff."(he was just making stuff up so he could get in bed with us.

I can blow a bubble with my tongue!" you can? "Yep, watch" Then I got spit on. Guess thats what I get for believing him. He laughed so hard.

I was going potty and trying to keep lincoln out, He finally gets in and I say, "What is so important that you can't wait?"
"High five mom, high five!"

Out of no where! "mom, I need a baby brother." You already have a sister. "I know, but I NEED a brother, because he will be a boy like me."

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