Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How do you know you are 4 and three quarters

There is nothing more exciting than catching snowflakes with your tongue

backward construction hat + safety glasses = football helmet

You just learned to blow a bubble
You have a personal shelf in the fridge, for your most treasured items

You have white trash bird feeders (that work really well)

This is a gun. Your mom tells you to put it away a hundred times a day, and you have gone in time out several times for taking it outside. Even been caught digging with your gun
This is a monster truck. The baby gate is the tailgate, your car seat is the drivers seat and of course your sponge bob squarpants tent is the cab

This is a helicopter. the blade is in the back and the ottoman pulls up like a throttle.

You are way too busy to put food in the garbage or away
You have sore feet, so of course the fire truck/ police truck magnets will help your feet and make you all better
Your mom is in dire need of a gravedigger monster truck picture in her bathroom, next to her shower so she will know at all times you deeply desire to be a monster truck driver when you grow up.

At your house you are king


Michelle said...

cutest post ever!!
I love you Lincoln!!!
and I also remember when that ottoman was a head checker machine.

Jared said...

If I had his imagination and energy I'd be richer. I love the shelf for his chewed gum!

Kirst said...

There really is never a dull moment at your house Anna!

Cindy said...

Looks like you are staying plenty busy watching over that little guy Anna!

grandma blair said...

Lincoln is the funniest little guy I know, and the brightest. you gotta love him.

Le said...

So, so true. And funny!

Chandie said...

I just HAD to comment because my Cabe does SO many of the same things - including the shelf in the fridge. I find the most random half-eaten things in there! Too cute! Your kids are adorable Anna!

Trint and Misty said...

I agree with Michelle! The best post ever! I'll have to share this one with Trint. He'll get a kick out of it.

Le said...

i love licins monster truck tan