Thursday, May 27, 2010

Archiving Quotes

Jared may or may not have tooted, I said, "with that you are not invited into my bed!"
Lincoln says: "Dad you are invited into my bed, I toot in there all the time!"

Finger down his throat, "Yep, my tonsils are full, time to go potty" ???????????????

"Mom, what balls is your favorite?"
(talking about sport balls, but still funny)

....and please bless Meeshia in Heaven.
(tonights prayer)

Lincoln overheard Jared and I talking about going to the stake center. We were headed over and Lincoln said, "I know where it's at, the Satan Center." We helped him to say it correctly, but not with out a giggle first.

We were watching Jared play basketball up on the stage (at the satan center) and all of a sudden it stunk, bad! Lincoln wided eyed looked at me and looked ashamed. I said (very quietly) Lincoln, hold those in! He said, (not quietly)
"But mom, I got The Gas!" as he waved his hand behind his bum. My life as a mother is never dull, as other mothers looked at me with sympathy.

after michelle left one day:
Big sigh, "I love aunt michelle.....I love her alllllll the way to the moon....(leans into me) But I love you all the way to pluto"
(sweet smart boy)

From the bathroom:
Mom! Get me a book, this might take a while!!!! :)

Lincoln talking to Jared.
"this is such a great idea. I love exercising while I watch tv, I mean if I were just laying there like you are my brain would turn to mush. But because I'm exercising and watching tv I'm going to be healthy." :)

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red said...

tee heee hee. I toot in there all the time!! He's so silly. Good luck with that when he's a teenager. :)