Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Montessori Preschool

Lincoln has been going to the local Montessori preschool for three years. When you think about it he'll never have the same teacher that long. They were crying on the last day, and crying at the program, and I was crying because I don't want my little boy to keep growing. He laughed at us all crying and took advantage of me and made me get him ice cream. :)His Montessori preschool has 45 kids in his class, they range from 3 to 6. When he started he was the littlest guy, because he had only been 3 for a couple months. I remember being confused why he wasn't bringing home as much work as some of the other kids, or wasn't doing as many things. They reassured me he was little, and doing great. (I didn't understand how little he was) But as the years have gone by I love that he has grown up in this environment, the Montessori program is to make independent creative thinking children (have you met my son). It's to teach them they can make their own decisions and can teach themselves and others. With this being his last year he was able to be a teacher to the little ones. He has grown and changed so much. I'm so proud of him.
Sad story, the night before the program I charged the video camera and checked the regular camera, it said fully charged.
As the program was starting I pulled out the video camera (I had front row seats because I've always had crappy seats and got there extra early this time) it said "dirty head, need cleaning"
I try to fiddle with it, blow in it like it's an old Nintendo, try again, this time it says "moisture detected" (apparently I spit in it) and it won't work at all. I'm sad, because Jared isn't there and we were going to video it for him. I take out my camera, it says memory full. I find over 100 shots of Lincolns hot wheels and various videos of them crashing. I delete delete delete. Then I get a few shots in and the camera says "Low battery" shuts down. I wasn't angry, I was just sad. I got a few pic's but they are not good. But just know he was adorable and it was awesome. :)
(all except the first five minutes when he and two other boys were making toot noises and waving their butts to the audience, such a proud moment).
The other sad part is somehow a tall boy was placed in front of him, so even on the front row this is what I was able to see. :(

But no more preschool, no more driving him back and forth, and no more tuition ":) at least for two more years then baby girl will get her turn. :)

Tonight is the kindergarten program, I've got the camera charging and have tested the video camera, it seems to be working, just pray I don't spit in it again. :)


Michelle said...

oh my goodness he was so little!!
He's such a big boy now. I need to start looking for a good preschool for D.

Cindy said...

Sorry about the camera malfunction! The preschool and kindergarten graduations are so bittersweet, knowing how much they've grown but that this means they are turning into a "big kid" now! Great job Lincoln!

red said...

I'm so sorry about your technical difficulties. I hate being worried about making the camera work when you just want to be capturing a special moment. I bet you will remember it forever. He's so dang cute.