Friday, June 4, 2010

Book Review

The Help

I know I don't do book reviews, mostly because I don't read very interesting books, a lot of anita stansfield, which I find very lame....yet I read them. I read the twilight series, again, a little on the lame side (I know I'm offending some, but I promise I don't mean too). I did like the host, I thought it was awesome. I read the Hunger games recently and will read the third one when it comes out, but when I say this is a wonderful book, know I mean it.

It is a book based off of three different southern women from the 1960's point of view, and you don't miss a beat as she switches from one to another. I went to bed at three one night, two the next and one thirty the last. Took me three days to read 446 pages, and all day long I was trying to get my chores done so I could read, but I really only was able to after ten pm. :)

I knew I would enjoy the book because it has to do with civil rights, but I have read a lot of civil rights books that I have had to push my way through. It was really good, and the best part really funny. I don't laugh out loud, but I did. And I was even caught gasping and freaking out a little. I really like it. I fell in love with these women, you are fighting for them and loving them. And as you read you will understand why Minny is my favorite character EVER! :) I was really sad to see it end. (I'm sure my husband was very glad to get his wife back, as were the children. :) ) (don't you hate it when people say "the children" like they don't even know their own kids, to call them by name....gosh)

Read it, you may borrow my copy (After Amy). Sam's club has it, as does walmart.

Now, someone else tell me another really good book to read please. ;)


Michelle said...

I'll add it to my list.
I really enjoyed a glass castle, it's a memoir.

Tad and Liza said...

I have been wanting to read this one...I just finished reading a book called Honolulu. Couldn't put it down. A lot of history, you would like it.

Ap said...

Hey Anna this is Le's sister I'm always looking for good books for my bookclub so when I saw book review I had to see which one.
We read The Help a couple months ago and you're right it was good. We've also read Glass Castles and it was also good. I just finished the second in The Hunger Games and August can't come soon enough.
So with that in mind I'll recommend a couple we've enjoyed...
Stolen Lives by Malika Oufkir, true story (that happened during our lifetime) of a family who went from being close friends with the king to being held as political prisioners for 20 years.
In The Time of The Butterflies by Julia Alvarez, about the sisters who inspired the Dominican Rep to revolt against its dictatorship.

red said...

I was going to ask you if i could borrow it (after Amy.) did you like the hunger games? it sounds a little freaky. I need good recommendations. I keep trying to read "literature" but it's just no fun at all and so very depressing. And I refuse to try twilight.

Maria said...

The School Of Essential Ingredients...LOVED it!

Le said...

No suggestions. I'm lucky to read a blog not to mention a whole book. I will work on changing that though and take one of these suggestions for myself.

Kirst said...

I loved this book too!! I'm a bookworm, so I have many recommendations. If you are at all interested in the Salem Witch Trials, then The Heretic's Daughter is really good. These Is My Words is a great story about a pioneer girl (not LDS).

I completely agree with you about the Twilight books and Anita Stansfield. I can't stand Anita. Grrr. I didn't like The Host at all though.