Thursday, June 3, 2010

kindergarten's over and it's time to go

The program was adorable. I teared up for the very first song, but after that I did good. Baby girl was in heaven watching her brother sing and dance. Lincoln did excellent, he loves the stage. :) He is in the Spanish immersion program at his school and his little Spanish is coming along so good. He gets his accent just right and loves to speak it. Loves it even more that mom and dad have no idea what he is talking about. :)
I still had technical difficulties that makes me so sad I could cry, but I try not to think about it. In erasing and getting my memory card ready for the program somehow I left it in the computer so I had only the internal memory. And that holds oh, maybe six pictures. :( . And the video camera worked, but the tape only had five minutes left on it. :( . But it was nice to just watch and listen and not worry about getting the right shot.
His teacher is amazing. She works those little kindergartners to the bone. She is pretty strict for kindergarten, but she gets amazing results. Lincoln wanted her to come to his house. He had been asking all year. She talked to me about it, and I said, Oh don't worry about it. She approached me again and said, "He asks everyday, how about I come over. " :) She came and looked at his stuff, watched his pretend movie (hot wheels crashing into things) checked out his back yard, his room. She stayed over an hour, he was in heaven. She is very kind. And we are very lucky to have her.
It is so sad to see him graduate and be done with half days. I think it'll be pretty hard to let him go all day in the fall. I think that is why they give you summers, so you can realize if they were here all the time you'd go crazy.


Michelle said...

It's official he is no longer a little kid, you have a BIG boy. Congratulations Lincoln!!
Anna you don't know how many times I have left the card in the laptop. I feel your pain.

Max said...

His program was so cute, I couldn't believe all of the Spanish songs they all sang, and didn't miss a word.
What an awesome opportunity for him.
this is mom

red said...

So SO So cute! We're looking forward to hanging out with you guys this summer ;)