Thursday, March 10, 2011

here's the deal

*I sit on my butt....thinking of all the things I need to do. Thinking of everything I'm supposed to be doing but my butt wins. .....

*people who talk to be heard annoy me to no end!!!!

*I am a Hypocrite

*Modern family makes me laugh

*I watch american idol but pretend i don't. a lot. :)

*Sometimes I run to the other room when my husband gets home just so I look like I'm doing something. :)

*Sometimes I'm so on top of my cleaning and laundry and cooking, and sometimes I downright suck. I guess you call it a funk. I'm in a funk now.

*I love teaching preschool. Really. Really.

*I'm probably one of the most unorganized preschool teachers ever. But I'm getting better.

*I want to be cute, but I don't. I want my house to be cute, but not like everyone else's cute homes but all the stuff they sell is just like everyone elses. So I have an ugly house. :)

*My husband is amazing...really really.

*I know I could be amazing out in the workforce (I'd totally be that hard a%$ boss) and sometimes I really miss the power and the recognition. But I'm too much of a control freak to allow others to take my kids.

*I have so many soapboxes; so many. :) And slowly slowly I'm getting over them. :)

*I wonder what it's like to be sweet and nice. Well not really. :)

*I really am a homebody. I don't like to go out. I don't like to do stuff. I love to be home.

*I don't know how to be anyone else. I only know how to be me. It's really hard for me to understand why people try to be who they are not.

*and yet I'm a hypocrite;

*sometimes I think back to myself two years ago, four years ago and more. I cringe at the conversations and the things that came out of my mouth. Everyday I try to make my present not be a cringe for the future.

*women are crazy. WE ARE CRAZY!!! I love observing and watching women. So worried about everyone else, if we're doing or saying what we need to. If we are giving off the right impression. I heard women totally trying to one up each other about house work, mother hood and shopping the other day. AND I JOINED IN. I got home and was like, WHAT? Why did I even do that. What just happened. Women are crazy. I'm so happy I'm not a man and don't have to live with a woman. :)

*there is so much more I could be doing, sometimes I see people and think about everything they do and wonder how can I do more. But then I say, five years, I'll do more in five years. :)

*Lincoln's little reflection's movie won at region and is headed to state. Love that little man.

alright I'm going to go do something. :)
We'll see if I delete this post. :)


Eve said...

I am officially pissed that I have such awesome cousins that live so far away from me.

I love this list. And have so much in common with you, really. Like running to the other room when I hear Greg's car in the garage. So embarrassing that I do that, but I can't let him catch me playing Zuma anymore than he already does!

And bummer no new Modern Family last night. I love Thursday lunchtimes because I get to watch it. Shoot.

Mel said...

Don't delete the post... you are just saying what most people are thinking. :)

Chandie said...

I loved this post - I do SO many of those same things - :) This totally made me smile. And miss you. :)

Juannaelmi said...

Heehee. I love it. I also think you are sweet and nice.

grandma blair said...

Like I always said
Anna is her own kind of person
Most of the time.
love ya

Kirst said...

This made me smile. All those things you described are exactly why we love ya!! Don't ever change. You're great!