Friday, March 11, 2011

Lincoln's Reflections Journey

(doesn't he look like he's getting too big to you)
My son is pretty amazing, but I'm just his mom.
The school announced in the fall they were doing Reflections, they told him about all the categories. He came home and told me he could make a movie. I tried to tell him that would be hard and maybe we could draw a picture. He kept bringing it up so I tried to just ignore it. One day he came home from school with the entry papers and all the information and rules about making a movie. He told me his teacher had to take him to the office so they could figure it out. (can't you imagine him just pestering her until she was like, "Alright lets figure this out" I'm sure she even told him to ask his mom a bunch. :) ) Anyway when he showed me the papers I told him he had to do it all on his own, I couldn't help him at all. I reiterated my idea about drawing a picture. He was still gung ho about making a movie. :) May I present Lincoln's Reflection video. I love how it totally looks and feels like a first grader made it. :) He totally directed us, and it took every fiber of our beins to be good actors and not get upset. He'd make us do it over and over and get upset that we weren't doing it the right way. Punk.....

He received an award of excellence in his school and up to region. He did not for state (which I am so happy we don't have to go to nationals) But he's pretty dang cute, and the poor kid doesn't have a humble bone in his body. "So I beat a lot of kids right mom, like kids that are older than me and stuff huh?" I'm pretty sure there weren't any other videos from first graders, that may of helped his winnings. :)
But he's still pretty dang adorable.


Eve said...

Really really cute. I love his bow at the end.

Tad and Liza said...

We all just sat and watched! So cute...I love when he is reading his part!

Jules said...

K. Wow. #1-anna, you sound verrrry excited to be "on stage." #2-i love that the fire appears to be extinguished by some fierce forehead pounding and #3...i have those same puppets...Oriental Trading...and they all seem to have weird hair... #4-I pretty much only know Lincoln through this blog, but, man I love the kid...adorable.