Sunday, October 23, 2011

16 weeks

16 weeks
I know it's kinda weird I take pregnancy photos on my third child, but pregnancy really does amaze me.
It's amazing to watch the body change. Where the heck do all the organs go? How does everything fit? It's amazing. And I like to look at other peoples pictures. And my sister lives in Michigan and she likes the pictures too. :)
So there is my justification for putting fat picture of me on here. :)   And on that note, don't you think I am HUGE for 16 weeks. seriously!
As for me, I'm starting to come out of the fog I've been in. Slowly but surely. I hope I will have at least one or two months of functioning before it gets bad like it usually does. Pregnancy is not for wimps. Either that or I'm just a wimp, ya that could be it.
We tried to find out what we were having last time but the cord was in the way. So the next appt. is wed. We should know then. It'll be the latest we've ever found out. :)


Mel said...

I think you look super super cute! I'm glad you are posting pictures it is so fun to see the changes.

Kristine said...

You are not a wimp!! What you have gone through I could never imagine. I am glad you are posting pictures as well because it's a way I feel I can be a part of this. I can't wait to find out what you are having. My first instinct is a girl, but when I see your picture I thought boy. Yay so exciting!

Eve said...

You look straight-up cute. I don't think you look big, you are lucky and carry high! Adorable.

Michelle said...

How did i miss this post?! you are ADORABLE and you know I love the pics. You are looking pretty sexy and you don't look huge...a little big, but not huge ;)